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Making it Happen!

As a child, I was one of the most determined and ambitious people I knew. I had a loving family, I had good friends and I achieved above average grades at school. I had everything I needed to set the world on fire and I had every intention of doing just that.


With everything going for me, I wasn’t clear on what I wanted to ‘be’. But in my heart and soul I was confident that I would achieve amazing things.


At school, I studied some subjects I didn’t necessarily enjoy to ‘prove’ how clever I was – but how stupid is that?!


So… following years of education pursuing something that didn’t inspire me or excite me, I let myself fall in to the trap of accepting ‘average’ as a way of life. In fact, the only place that average did not occur was in love – I’d always been determined that ‘true love’ did exist and that I wouldn’t accept anything less.


I was lucky enough to meet and marry my soul-mate after years of believing that he did not exist due to my high expectations. I should have applied the same discipline to every other area of life – but as a result of my failure to realise this sooner, ‘average’ slipped in to too many areas of my life.


Until I discovered a life-changing personal development curriculum!


I’ve been educated on how to define and achieve my goals. As a result of the straight-talking principles in the curriculum, I am creating a new life through positive thoughts, self-belief and action. I am empowered, enlightened and believe that my North Star has illuminated the way forward. So, here’s to making it happen – I hope you’ll do the same!

Around 12 months ago, I was asked whether I had an interest in personal development. I responded positively because I believed that all of the extra-curricular training I had completed through my employment constituted personal development.


Having subsequently undertaken a dedicated personal development training program, my viewpoint has changed and I can now whole-heartedly respond ‘yes’ to the discussion above for the following reasons:


  1. I understand that the one thing I am absolutely in control of in life is ME. I control how I react in any situation – be it a situation I have chosen to create or one which has happened as a result of other people.
  2. I understand that my attitude determines how circumstances will impact me. I used to, for example, hate my paid employment because it did not provide the financial or intellectual reward that I was seeking. But with 1. in mind, I choose to enjoy my employment because it serves a variety of beneficial purposes including income generation, business understanding and networking.
  3. With regard to item 1. again, I understand that I cannot control other people but I can control how I react to them. This has been enlightening and rewarding in so many ways. I now choose not to get irritated or annoyed when I previously would have been because I understand that the only person such feelings undermine is me. My interpersonal relationships are better than ever before and family members have observed the positive change in me.


As a result of these things, I am becoming a better person than I used to be… and I know that my journey and development is ongoing. I remain in control and have chosen to continue my learning with the help of personal development. I am becoming the best version of me possible and am looking forward to the enhanced opportunities this will bring. Don’t you want to do the same? 


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What You Want

Have you ever stopped to consider how amazing it is that you have the ability to control your life and your actions? We’ve already looked at some things you can do to personally develop. We’ll continue to build on that today!


Now we’ll look at your ability to identify what you desire. By doing this you can concentrate your attention on WHAT YOU WANT.


Isn’t it amazing that each thought you have is either positive or negative!


Reconsider that statement for a moment. Every word you say or think is either positive or negative.


Which do you find yourself doing most frequently? If what you want is positive, today you’ll learn how to make WHAT YOU WANT match your thoughts.


To succeed, it is critical for you to glance at the negative thoughts you have and identify them as something you want to eliminate. By doing this, you’ll become clearer about WHAT YOU WANT (positive thoughts). Recognising this contrast is essential because it’ll help you become clear about what you do want. You will experience clarity whenever you observe contrast in your life. This might be a small step, but it will put you on the right path.


A Chinese philosopher once said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Knowing this to be true you are already taking your first steps now. You are now determining your course and your destiny will be assured.


So instead of saying what you don’t want, make the decision today to say “what do I want”.



First thing we need to do is take a minute and write down all of the things where you feel unsatisfied. Utilize the spaces provided below.


Examples:  I can’t close a sale, I don’t have enough money, I wish I was in better shape, I don’t have enough time.


Now, on the other side of the page, replace your negative statement with a positive statement? 

      Negative                                                            Positive

 1. _________________________       ____________________________

 2._________________________        ____________________________

 3._________________________        ____________________________

 4._________________________        ____________________________

 5._________________________        ____________________________

 6._________________________        ____________________________

 7._________________________        ____________________________

 8._________________________        ____________________________


By doing these exercises you will build the confidence to create the results you desire!


Please touch base using the on-line form if you’d like access to further material designed to help you achieve more:

Choose To Be Happy

We’ve already looked at gratitude, forgiveness and the ability to take action. You’ve understood in previous posts that your thoughts create your decisions which determine your actions, which create the results you achieve in your life.

Overall, we are looking to achieve results to make us happy.

Happiness is the by-product of thoughts and activities and brings about a chemical reaction in your body. The chemical reaction results in euphoria, which can be totally under your control!

So, make your smile your calling card for it is the strongest weapon you possess. Your smile will forge bonds, break ice and calm storms so use your smile as often as you can.

When you choose to smile you take control of your emotions and openly display a grateful spirit.

Think about the last time you visited a store and the person serving you was clearly having a bad day… Imagine if there was a way for you to change that person’s attitude with a simple smile.

Have you ever had a similar day to the person you thought of above? Has a simple hello, how are you or even a smile changed your mood? Consider that you can help change others by choosing your own happiness.

Today, greet everyone with a sincere smile. Smile as you talk to people in person or via telephone. Smiles can be contagious, they can affect your biochemistry and they can have a long-standing effect on you AND the people around you. Smiling will change your world immediately.

Take a note of the experiences you enjoy throughout the day just as a result of smiling.

Pozitive Change – you can make it happen 😉

Sydney Training Event

Sydney Training Event.

Hey, have you ever had an idea that you thought would be great – help someone else, do something to make your life better, or spruce up an item of clothing for example? Why didn’t you do it? You can try and blame it on all sorts of things from lack of money to lack of time; but the crux of it is lack of action!


You have always been in control of your own future, but maybe just need some guidance or encouragement. Let today be the day that you decide to create a new future by creating a new you.


Don’t look to the past – it’s behind you and you’re not going that way. Your future starts now, so grab it with both hands and take action.


If you have a choice to do nothing or do something, always do something. By doing something, you are able to understand the results of your decision – if the results are good, you can consider why to enable you to make similar good decisions in the future. If the results are not so good, you can still make adjustments to improve the results – and you’re building understanding of why the decision did not provide the results desired so that you can avoid repeating in the future…


So, where you have decided to take action today:


  1. Set a concrete, realistic goal.

  2. Identify the steps you must complete to achieve that goal.

  3. Follow those steps – TAKE ACTION!


Try the following exercise to help you see the reward associated with achieving goals:


Contact at least one person who has made a difference in your life and let them know how much you appreciated their actions. This will result in a win win situation for you and the person you’ve reached out to.


Write down the names of each person you contact and how they made a difference in your life. Remember how it makes you feel to share your gratitude with them – remember how it make you feel by taking action on this small goal. How good will it feel to create larger goals and achieve them?


“You have to think anyway, so why not think big?” Donald Trump

I’ve shared a few times how important it is to make decisions and take action. Successful people know that is a key to success. But what is easy to forget is the concept of sustained action, specifically how important your mindset is when it comes to sustaining action and therefore achieving success long-term.


Consistency and persistence are qualities most of us are not born with. We have to develop these traits, especially if we want to master a skill to give us a sustained advantage. So, any kind of education and support in this area is invaluable to success.


Long-term success is based heavily on mindset. So it makes perfect sense to actively seek expert advice, direction and surround yourself with like-minded people on a similar journey, to ensure you have the best chance at achieving prolonged success. Pozitive Changes provides access to all of this in a convenient online platform.


I use the same platform in all areas of my life and it has undoubtedly helped me be more positive. Positivity leads to a happier, longer and more successful life, based on characteristics we value like wealth, relationships and health. Again and again studies conclude that optimists win, sometimes in very surprising ways.


Like any long journey, you need the right tools, knowledge and support to make it to the other end. If you want access to such tools, knowledge and support, reach out using the on-line form at the Pozitive Change website. We’ll touch base to share information with you so that you can make an informed decision on how the on-line platform will help you achieve more.

Forgive Yourself

We’ve already looked at a formula to help you achieve the results you desire, so now let’s look at accepting more responsibility for your future.
Understanding and accepting that your previous decisions and choices have led to your current situation will open up your possibility for growth. When you start to take responsibility for yourself, your life, and your situation, you can begin the journey to your future.
“For every minute, the future is becoming the past.” Thor Heyerdahl
Forgiveness is about the past, where trust is about the future. So now is the time to forgive your previous actions where needed so that you can trust in yourself to create the future you desire.
Take a piece of paper and list all the things you must forgive yourself for so you can focus on creating your new future. Once you have forgiven yourself, you will give yourself the freedom to block any mentally restrictive thoughts so that you can move forward with new self-belief and confidence.
Accept responsibility for your past and concentrate on your future! Copy, paste, print and sign the following statement and pin it to a place where you will see it every day to remind you that you are in control of your future and are creating the life of your choice:
“From now on, I accept responsibility for my past. I understand that to develop wisdom I must accept responsibility for my own problems and that by accepting responsibility for my past, I free myself to move into a brighter, more exciting future of my own choosing.”
 ————————————————    —————————          
Signed                                                         Date
 Congratulations – you are now ready to move forward!
Please contact Pozitive Change using the on-line form via the below link if you’d like access to an award-winning personal development program to help you achieve even more!

Decide What You Want


Have you ever really sat down to analyse what makes you tick and what you want to achieve? I don’t mean the childhood dreams we had about wanting a big house and a flash car… I mean the specific ambitions such as learning to swim, doing a parachute jump, becoming a lawyer or test-driving a Lamborghini for example.




Now, the childhood dreams we had may have been pipe-dreams because we probably didn’t sit down to determine exactly what we needed to do to achieve them. Then as time passed on, some of our dreams seemed to become less and less achievable because we weren’t top of the class at school for example, or because friends and family would discourage us because we were not being realistic…




But ask yourself now, what has being realistic ever achieved? Being realistic allows people to achieve what is normal, what is easy and what is acceptable. But if you want something more, then being realistic will not serve you well.




Time is an unstoppable force and you can use it to your advantage. You can decide to choose what you want today, now, immediately. Don’t put it off if you do want something more than you currently have. Delaying will only prolong your pain when deciding what you want puts you a step ahead of where you currently are.




So, there is an easy formula to follow and it looks like this:




Thoughts + Decisions + Actions = RESULTS




If you are not getting the results you want, you can go back to this formula and start at the beginning:




  1. Create positive thoughts that you are sure will get the results that you want.

  2. Make decisions based on those thoughts.

  3. Take action to achieve the results you desire.




In order to have the things in life that you want, you must be willing to change your thoughts. Consider that the definition of INSANITY is doing the same thing and expecting different results.




So, how are you going to change your thought processes and what do you want to achieve? Don’t delay – start today.




Reach out to Pozitive Change if further support is required. I look forward to helping you achieve more!


Is There Another Way?

Are you looking for a new job because your abilities are restricted in your current role? Are you looking for a role which incorporates what you currently do but involves new challenges that will increase your value in the market place? Is your job hunt taking longer than anticipated because there are other candidates who already have the experience you seek?


To overcome these issues, you could take bold action and start your own business…


If that thought scares you because you’re not sure that you have sufficient expertise on a subject to be able to sell your services in the market, then can you do anything to change that? Or maybe you don’t like the idea of starting a business because of the uncertainty – the amount of time it could take to set yourself up and start generating an income.


These are all valid points to consider, but why are you ultimately looking for your next employment challenge? If you want to increase your income, then your own business to work around your paid employment is a viable option. If you want to increase your personal satisfaction levels, then your own business, again, has the potential to satisfy that desire. And if you are rewarded by assisting other people to progress while you do the same, then there is another way:


If an established company had already created a proven business model which has been employed globally and would allow you to start your own business and start generating an income quickly, would you want more information?


If this business would involve you developing a whole new set of skills, but continual training and support was provided from the outset, would you want more information?


If these simple questions have triggered your interest and curiosity, submit your inquiry using the form via the link to receive more information. Submitting your inquiry initiates the first step in the proven business model already mentioned. Please enter ‘BLOG INQUIRY’ as your reason for responding… we can then discuss step 2 of the 3-step business model if relevant: